Amazon ‘Unlocked’ Will Give Away Paid Apps For Free



Amazon has been working hard to build up the popularity of its Android-based Appstore with consumers and developers — borrowing from the well-thumbed Amazon playbook of deep discounts to drive usage. Now, a new feature it wants to launch looks like it could be its biggest disruptive storefront promotion yet. The company has been working on a new section called “Unlocked” that will offer users a whole range of paid apps, along with those that utilize in-app purchases, free of charge.

Think of it as Amazon Prime for apps.

“Introducing Amazon Unlocked for Apps & Games,” the company notes in one promotional spot. “Paid apps and in-app purchasing now completely FREE from Amazon.”

TechCrunch learned of the new feature by way of an internal presentation, leaked to us, explaining how the new feature will look.

amazon unlocked appsApp developers whose apps are highlighted in the deck include biggies like Sega America, whose Sonic Dash game features prominently in the…

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TC AppleCast 10: 13-inch MacBook Pro And Apple TV



This week, we reviewed the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and we liked it. A lot. Apple’s MBP line is now the best value for money for anyone who wants to really be able to do work on the road, bar none, and the 13-inch size has great portability. But we can’t help but wonder what’s next for the MacBook Pro lineup, in light of the big changes signalled by the new MacBook.


We also cover the latest Apple TV rumors in this week’s episode, based on the brand new report from Buzzfeed and John Paczkowski that claims a new piece of hardware, with a full App Store and Siri voice control is imminent. With apps and live TV streaming services, Apple’s set-top box could explode in the late half of 2015.

June should be big for Apple, with this launch and a streaming music service…

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